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welcome! a personal blog home to many many fandoms and other lovely things~

i'm a native english speaker currently learning chinese. in my spare time i do translations for the brothers conflict & tsukiuta fandoms and also summarise light novels ^^

i also have a side blog dedicated to seiyuu and a deviantart account for all my drawings. come and talk to me, let’s be friends! ! (づ˘⌣˘)づ

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This is a fucking seal with hiccups which makes is like fifteen times funnier because they’re such ridiculous predators.

Source (with permission to repost)

original chinese scans via

translation and typesetting by jazz

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MARGINAL#4 Fashion » Kirihara Atom » CHU CHU LUV❤SCANDAL Outfit [x]

Wasn’t particularly impressed with the Netsuai SAGA outfits, so um… please enjoy this one instead. :3 You can never have enough boys in pink.


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