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i'm a native english speaker currently learning chinese. in my spare time i do translations for the brothers conflict and tsukiuta fandoms ^^

i also have a side blog dedicated to seiyuu and a deviantart account for all my drawings. come and talk to me, let’s be friends! ! (づ˘⌣˘)づ

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Three-Storey Home in Florida


When I came across this Florida home by Alexander Gorlin I had to share! Despite the size, the light, warmth and comfort oozing out of this family home is giving me some serious envy. imageThoughtfully detailed, the house was principally built with stucco on reinforced concrete, steel, glass and stone. The first floor is comprised of one large and one intimate room that share a bath and convenience bar. The spaces can easily be transformed to accommodate various functions and needs. The entire north wall of the first floor was recently painted in situ with an original work by Justin Lyons. Red oak floors anchor the primary living areas on the second level. image

Photos by Craig Baranowski



your dog is melting and you just stand taking pictures absolutely disgusting


A I by ちょん

※Permission to upload this illustration was given by the artist. 

track name: Foreign Language Compilation
artist: Miyano Mamoru
album: Various
play count: 47515


Miyano Mamoru Foreign Language Compilation
laugh, cry, and bow before the king

[Ouran High School Host Club] Suou Tamaki: …From now on will you let me call you by your first name? Bravo! Kyouya! Mon ami! Mon ami! Yahoo! (ep. 24)

[Steins;Gate] Okabe Rintarou: Uh…hey, mister! I am mad scientist. ‘s so cool! Sonuvabitch. (ep. 15)

Ah…I am mad scientist! United States (chaos/goes?) and invade! …Oh! American joke! I’m a smart citizen. Do you understand? Do you understand? (ep. 25/OVA)

[Chihayafuru 2] Mashima Taichi: Forgive me, but your pronunciation is not correct. Maybe you can more easily speak Japanese than English— can’t you? (ep. 8)

[Free!] Matsuoka Rin: Furious all-out · All-out(x3) · Perfect body (ep. 10)

In this case, the antecedent is “the time," so the relative verb is "when.” Now is the time when I must try hard. (Free! Special - FrFr 3)

[Free! Eternal Summer] Matsuoka Rin: Kiss me(x5) · Perfect body (ep. 7)

[Tokyo Ghoul] Tsukiyama Shuu: Ravissant · Merci · Merci beaucoup · Be cool · Monsieur Savarin · Tschüss · Bon appétit · Non · …in a maestoso location, with Kaneki-kun reaching a crescendo, until at last I… fortissimo · Bonsoir, mademoiselle · I was eighteen · Très bien! · Calmato · Such an unexpected hors d’oeuvre! (full post)

PS: This is a rec post in disguise. Definitely check out Mamo in these roles if you haven’t already. Enjoy!

One thing that made me happy was when Makoto smiled after he lost. Haruka has a trauma (about people losing to him) since Rin turned out that way at the beginning because Rin lost to Haruka. So, competing with each other seriously but seeing the other person smile— as Haruka, that saved me. When (Makoto) looked like he was crying, that made me, as Haruka, feel really pained. But then he smiled— even though he must have been feeling totally frustrated over losing! I thought, what a nice guy. What a great friendship.

- Shimazaki Nobunaga (FREE!ES radio ep5) -